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Elemental Acupressure

Marjan and Jan took over a stuck web site project for us and really saved the day!

Our web site is a complicated one. Our three language site hosts over 50 online courses plus a three language web shop selling both physical and digital products. When we decided to renovate the ancient, glitchy Cold Fusion version of our site after years of headaches, we hired a skilled site developer to build us a WordPress site. But our site had a level of complexity that required some heavy lifting from the designer. It proved quite challenging to integrate all of the plug ins and get it all working together seamlessly. When our designer got stuck on the project, we brought on Marjan and Jan to help choose the right tech for the job – which they did brilliantly.

From there it became clear that there were MORE things our designer needed assistance with. At each step Marjan and Jan stepped in and solved even the thorniest of issues. Some things they knew instantly from their long experience, others they diligently researched so that we had EXACTLY the solution for our needs. Ours was not a smooth process due to some messy server issues etc. but at each step, Marjan and Jan worked tirelessly to solve any problem the site threw at them – and it had some whoppers.

By the end of it all, they had taken over the project, solved all of our tech issues, produced a beautiful, clean, colorful, modern look for the site, and helped us to create a site we are excited to share with our audience. They have proved to be kind, clear, and generous and we are thrilled that they are now managing the site as well. When we have something we need to learn how to manage on our own, they are offer us clear, simple tutorials so we can take over confidently. With more complex issues, we know that we can just ask them to take care of it and know that it will be done promptly and done well.

After years and years on the old site, it is a delight to have a site we love. Not only that, with partners like Marjan and Jan, we know we can expand our offerings to include new services (like the membership program we have in development). If we can conceive of it, we know that Marjan and Jan will help us to make it a reality. What a dream! To say that we love working with them is an understatement. Thank you!!

Elemental Acupressure

Acupressure for horses, dogs, cats and all animals, Five Element consultations about your animal’s health, lifestyle, training, exercise, behavior etc…
COURSES: We offer a wide range of online classes about acupressure for animals. Courses include introductory courses in animal shiatsu, acupressure and the Five Elements, to a complete two year certification training program. Classes can be taken individually or as part of our certification program. All classes are available in English and French and many are available in German.


Are you interested in a website and you don’t speak Dutch? No worries! Just send us an email at info@kwalisites.nl.

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